Alex Conner


My work, for the past five years, has been focused on how individuals visually engineer the communication of their identity and personhood.

In my most recent work, SMH Chatterton is Dead, I used as a jumping off point my opinion that the speed and ease of communication by digital means rewards the removal of nuance and breadth of what we communicate, for the sake of convenience in how we communicate.

I don’t think that prioritizing ‘the how’ over ‘the what’ is better or worse based on their respective merits of depth or scope, but instead wonder which is better for us during this, our particular moment in history?

If we need to communicate effectively to work together and build a stronger society than what we currently have - because sometimes it feels like a real Tower of Babel situation - then maybe we should reconsider how readily we use the digital medium to do so.


I made the decision in 2018, to produce one work of art a year, as I would rather produce an artwork of substance than a hundred half-finished thoughts.