Alex Conner


In August of 2015, I presented “76 Cups” during the 'Sneak Peak' exhibition at Moore College of Art. 76 handmade cups were available for people to choose from for free and they were asked to register their choice through software I had written. The intention was for the participants to take the cups home for a year and bring them back for my MFA exhibition the following August.

76 was chosen as that is the average lifespan of an American person. Through living with these cups for each a year, the participants would effectively manifest a lifetime’s exposure to crafted objects. This was important to me as crafted objects introduce a sense of risk through their manufacture into the world, which I think is important as the Western World grows increasingly risk-averse through adoption of new technologies and a narrowing of experiential choices.

Out of the total amount of cups available, 63 were photographed with their accompanying participant. The rest left with persons unknown. I used a map to track where the cups I could identify had been taken and used the captured images from my software to create GIF files of these initial interactions.

This page is an archive of some of the material from the original project website.